Azzurro is forever.

The old glories of the National relive the honors of the past, for one last big chance to win and make their mark. The Veterans National team is a project that brings together the players who once made up the Italian squad and who have now earned the right to take the field again and to show their technical and tactical qualities.

The great initiative of the Veterans National team was strongly desired by FIFS president Axel Paderni, by creating 2 teams:

OVER 40 VETERAN TEAM: born in 1980 and previous years with share from 1981 to 1985, directed by Enrico Belli.

OVER 50 VETERAN TEAM: born in 1970 and previous years with share from 1971 to 1975, directed by Emanuele Milan.

The project aims to allow the continuation of the 5 AMF football discipline with a view to having fun and maintaining sports activities.