Football Sala was born in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier, professor of Montevideo, creates a new team game at 5 in viable structures indoors and outdoor that resembles football.


The game immediately takes hold in all of Latin America, and becoming a real cult. Easily playable by everyone, at any place and condition, can also be practiced throughout the year, even in winter without any difficulty.

nazionale italiana , mondiali italia 1991

FIFS – Italian  Football Federation Sala – has its origins  in 1987, when a group of shareholders led by the Milanese Giovanni Conticini, decided to found the AIFS (Italian Football Association Sala), who in 1988 as a result of the act submitted to the court of Milan will be transformed in the current FIFS (Italian Football Federation Sala).

cerimonia inaugurazione mondiali italia 1991 al palalido 2


List of FIFS Champions