Italy-Bolivia Official Squad List

Coach Davide Del Giudice selected 12 players for Saturday November 21st’s test match versus Bolivia at Palacairoli in Lainate: Goalkeepers: S. Volonteri, S. Bagarin; Defenders: G. Donadeo, G. Cannella; Wingers: F. Caddeo, L. D’Alesio, S. Usai (C), D. Colla, S. Agrillo; Pivots: L. Licini, O. Binetti, M. Gagliardi.

EuroRivals #1: Catalunya

When thinking of Catalunya, one cannot help but focus on its capital city, Barcelona, and how in the last decade it radically changed the way football is lived and perceived. The expression “tiki taka” alone is enough to command respect from any opponent. When you add to this the fact that the local team will

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The English page will be soon available

Sabato 14 Novembre il PalaCairoli di Lainate ha ospitato un raduno di preparazione all’Europeo U21 di Dicembre della Nazionale Italiana U21. I ragazzi hanno svolto prevalentemente lavoro atletico e tattico, necessari per arrivare in perfetta forma fisica all’appuntamento europeo oltre che per affinare l’intesa del gruppo. Nel finale c’è stato il tempo per una partitella

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Preparation day for the disabled in Imperia

A delegation of Federazione Italiana Football Sala will be in Imperia at PalaSport San Lazzaro on Friday December 20th to showcase our sport to disabled players from Liguria during an afternoon break in the Coppa Latina AMF. An exhibition match will take place, involving a number of associations supporting disabled people. The Federation aims at

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FIFS Official Communication: Suitable Footwear

WARNING – FIFS informs that for all indoor events held on hard surface (wood flooring, PVC, rubber), futsal shoes with a wholly smooth sole (as shown in the picture) are the only kind of footwear allowed. Any kind of shoes with cleats (as shown in the picture) are strictly forbidden.

International Test Match: Italy-Bolivia

FIFS Italian national squad will take to the field on Saturday November 21st at 17.00 at Palacairoli in Lainate to play Bolivia in an international test match. The game will serve as a gala conclusion to the Christmas tournament “Piccoli amici”, and represents for the team coached by Davide Del Giudice an opportunity for further

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Lady Cup Latina Is Back Once Again

The sixth edition of the “Lady Cup Latina” will take place Wednesday January 6th at Palacairoli in Lainate. Important international squads such as Bolivia, Peru, Morocco, Ecuador, El Salvador and Brazil will participate in the competition. Don’t miss out, see you there!