Interview with Rinaldo Badini, director of Futsal Fashion magazine: “In my opinion this project is very useful and interesting”

Dear friends who are passionate about Futsal AMF today we present an event that has a particular flavor for us and of which we are very proud: the clinic we organized with Mr. Fulvio Colini. To present this project to you, we spoke to Mr. Rinaldo Badini, director of the Futsal Fashion magazine which offered to be a partner in the realization of this event. 

Good morning Mr. Badini                                                                                                                         Good morning!

So, can you tell us how this clinic webinar project with Mr. Colini was born?                           It was born from an idea of ​​mine and of Axel Paderni, President of FIFS, to find something useful in this difficult period: we wanted to organize an event to involve the coaches and the online clinic was the only possible solution. The idea was to have the coaches (young but also those with experience) interact with Mr. Colini, the best in Italy.

It is a project that I would define interesting, given and considered also the palmarés of the clinic’s speaker …                                                                                                                                Exactly, I can say Colini has a great ability to involve coaches of any level. He is the best prepared and the one who has won the most, he knows how to explain very well what futsal means, tactics, training and all the tactical aspects of this discipline.

What do you think of the work that FIFS is doing in the promotion of a minor sport such as Football Sala?                                                                                                                                           

FIFS has been organizing events dedicated not only to adults but also to children, the disabled, for many years, so congratulations must be made for all this! What this Federation is doing is remarkable.

Considering the current difficult situation dictated by the pandemic that has blocked numerous sports including futsal, what are your hopes for the future?                                        I hope it will soon be better, the Minister for Sport Spadafora recently stated that if the contagion curve continues to decline, sport could resume in January 2021. There will be enthusiasm to start again stronger than before!

What do you expect from this project and what do you think all those who participate can expect?                                                                                                                                                                   In my opinion this project is very interesting, in this lockdown the online clinics can be very successful to keep the training of the coaches alive, in the future it will also be possible to organize events on the field.

How useful can this clinic be professionally for a coach?                                                                It’s very useful! I recommend it to all coaches because Mr. Colini is very good at explaining tactics, and by following this clinic you can learn many things. Do not forget that Colini started from the bottom and managed to win the UEFA Futsal Cup (the Futsal Champions League) in 2011 with Montesilvano, the only Italian to boast this trophy. Join the crowd!

Thank you so much Rinaldo, see you soon

Thanks to you, bye everyone!

Interview conducted by Michael Cappelli

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