Interview with Mirko Scaglione: “It is wonderful to be able to train guys who are deaf like me, it gives me great satisfaction”

Friends who are passionate about 5 AMF football welcome back with our interviews related to the next coaching course (read more at this link ). This time we bring you a beautiful interview with Mirko Scaglione, a boy who suffers from deafness and who recently attended one of our courses. Mirko is a coach, and the thing that excites him most and that excites us too is that the team he trains is made up of guys with the same problem as him. It is always nice to see how sport, in any field, becomes a vehicle of wonderfully positive messages like the one that Mr. Scaglione and his boys transmit to us.


Good afternoon, Mr. Scaglione
Hello, you can call me Mirko if you want

Sure, indeed it is a pleasure. So Mirko, when did you take the coaching course? How did you live this experience?
I immediately state that for me it was a first time. I did the coaching course between May and June of this year. It was precisely the first time I took part in a course of this type and I must say that it was a beautiful and very useful experience. These meetings allowed me to learn various new training methods. I found the lessons related to psychology and the relationship between coach and players extremely useful.

Would you recommend others to take this course?
Surely. I would recommend to my friends, indeed to all the people who orbit within the futsal environment, to take part in this course. Some of my friends have asked me a few times for information on the course. I informed them, I gave them a detailed description of the experience I had and they seemed very interested.

Then we are waiting for them! But now tell me a little about yourself: what environment do you train in? What satisfaction is training giving you?
I coach a team called ASD Deafspqr, which plays in the Lazio region. The team is made up entirely of deaf or hard of hearing athletes, just like me. My deputy is Antonio Senese, who obtained his coaching license with me. Last year, before the stop, we were second in the standings. Although unfortunately the championship did not end, that second place was a very good goal for me and for the whole team. It is a great satisfaction to train these guys, who have the same bad luck as me, and to see them having fun playing this beautiful sport. It is certainly not easy to face opponents who have an extra very powerful weapon on their side: the voice. The opponents have the opportunity to talk during the match, while we are focused on carefully following their every single movement and every single movement of the ball. The only negative is that, unfortunately, some teams just don’t accept losing against us or even just going under the game in progress, and this in some cases has generated nervousness.

Sorry, that’s not the kind of attitude we like to see in sports. Instead, tell me how Mirko Scaglione, as a deaf boy, lived his experience as a coach: did you find any difficulties?
No difficulties that could not or cannot be overcome. Being deaf, I communicate with my children through the LIS (“Italian Sign Language”). This is an advantage for all boys, and especially for boys who alas suffer from profound deafness. In this way all of them manage to follow me without losing the thread, and this also facilitates me in giving them explanations on how to move on the pitch.

Thank you very much Mirko, it was a very nice interview.
You’re welcome.



Interview conducted by Michele Piazza




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