Interview with Marco Chierigato: “Training children and watching them grow is a priceless satisfaction”

Friends and readers who are passionate about football 5 AMF, here we are back with a new interview relating to the coaching course released by FIFS which will start shortly (read more at this link ). This time we went to visit Mr. Marco Chierigato, new coach of Lainate Futsal and coach for the Nuova Cormano Calcio football school. Marco, who has a past of over twenty years as an 11-a-side football player between Italy and France, welcomed us with open arms and gave an interview to our microphones to tell us about his experience as a coach.


Good morning Mr. Chierigato
Please call me Marco, oherwise you make me feel old (laughs).

Ok! So, Marco, how long ago did you take the coaches course?

Honestly, I still have to do the course. I should have taken the license in February but due to Covid issues the course had been interrupted and now I know that they have reorganized it and that an online course will start in November

Yes, on November 16th …
… I have already been training for 3 or 4 years, and mainly I have always trained children. I also occasionally coached third category teams, but because I played them first and then after I got hurt together with my teammates (since it often happened that the coach was absent due to work problems) I decided to improvise as a coach. At one point, the old coach was no longer able to even come to training, to which he passed the baton to me.

I got it. I know that at the FIFS Opening Cup you coached Lainate Futsal and that you also won on your debut, how did you feel?
Then I’ll explain. I had only done one training with the team, and before the tournament started (it was a triangular one) I told the guys I wanted to win and they agreed with me. I made it clear to my team that, coming from 11-a-side football, I would read the game as I was used to doing in 11-a-side football. Then, having played football for more than 20 years, I can say that I have a good predisposition to read matches in progress. Winning at the debut was a very beautiful emotion. In the last game, about a minute from the end, we were 3-3 and I made a couple of changes (giving directions to my boys) that led us to score the decisive goal. Everyone was happy, first of all because I couldn’t wait to start and didn’t expect such a start. After winning the tournament, then, I had already done a bit of a group with my players but now unfortunately we have been interrupted due to the return of Covid-19 infections.

Unfortunately we know something about it too …
Of course. But it was very nice. Everyone was happy, including the president who even told me to take the trophy home. I think anyone, if they were to start out like I did by winning a tournament where we still met two very strong teams, would be as happy as I am.

I really think so. And you, Marco, as a player with many years of experience in 11-a-side football, do you think that 5-AMF football is a preparatory sport for that football you have played?

There are undoubtedly differences between the two sports. However, honestly, I think that by combining 5-a-side football with 11-a-side football we can do great things and we can get to put even great teams in difficulty. Football sala is a sport of up to two touches, no more, while in 11-a-side football there are larger spaces and quieter playing times. However, I would like to point out that the differences are few. To give you an example: contact, albeit to a lesser extent, is also present in 5 AMF football. Let’s say that football sala is 50% similar to 11-a-side football in terms of match tactics. There are undoubtedly many things about 5-AMF football that are very useful in 11-a-side football and that football sala can allow for improvement.


Sure. I ask you a slightly different question: what satisfactions does it give to train kids or, in your case, children?
First of all, I train 7-year-old children, so the chicks. It is a football school. For two years I have been collaborating with this club, which is Cormano, and since last year I have taken over this team of children. The first time I tried to play a game with them, I found eight kids all hitting the ball at which I thought there was a lot of work to do. To date, those same children have a position, they spin the ball, they know when to discard, when they can throw and when they have to pass it back. And teaching such young children what you know (I’m talking about a hypothetical you, of course) gives you enormous satisfaction. If I consider Lainate Futsal, I’m talking about guys who, for better or worse, are my age (I’m 32) and therefore it’s a very different thing. Compared to them, kids must first be taken in a very delicate way: first you have to make them fond of you, then once they trust you you can start pushing harder and maybe even raise your voice a little. And I can assure you that if I changed societies now, all my children would come with me. Some of them were offered to go to other teams, but they preferred to stay with me. So for them the satisfaction is not so much about the results on the field, but rather it is an emotional satisfaction. You are their point of reference, and when you see them do something you have taught them, the satisfaction is priceless. Then the children are obviously happy when they win, but they are already happy if they play: children just play, that’s the beauty too. Satisfaction is seeing that they listen to you and follow you.

And why this idea of ​​5 AMF football?
I wanted a different experience, since the opportunity presented itself. I would have always liked to try something new, because with children the challenge on a technical level is limited. On the other hand, with older boys, as the Lainate boys might be, I can test myself by putting more complex game ideas on the field and thus adding a step of difficulty. With children, of course, you have to start from scratch but this does not mean that the satisfaction is less. Indeed, seeing them happy while playing football is the greatest satisfaction. It brings you to the apotheosis of yourself, personally I see it that way.

Thanks a lot Marco, thanks a lot and have a nice evening.
Bye, have a nice evening!

Interview conducted by Michele Piazza




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