Interview with Tiziana Impoco, c5 women’s coach, an unpopular opinion in the world of football: “It was appropriate to stop the sport, it was better not to start again now and do it later with confidence”

There are different opinions from the world of sport regarding the measures taken by the government to counter the spread of the covid 19 virus: Tiziana Impoco, C5 female coach, Cus Unime, tells us about hers and explains what it means to be a female coach.



You are a coach right? How is the situation caused by the Covid 19 health emergency living?
I am a football school instructor and I coach a C5 women’s team, Cus Unime. Already in the first lockdown we tried to never stand still and I personally tried never to leave my players alone. We trained online, both for the athletic and the technical part, obviously for what we were able to do. Now we are trying to do the same thing while waiting for new news that should arrive soon. There is still a lot of confusion.

What do you think of the DPCM that blocked much of the sporting activity?
Although I am a sportswoman, I think it is right to have blocked most of the activities. Given the situation we are experiencing, I think this stop is appropriate, indeed, to tell the truth, in my opinion we should not restart. The companies have spent a lot on sanitization and to adapt to the various regulations, it would have been better to start later in safety, perhaps in January.

You took the FIFS online coaching course right?
Yes, and it was really a great enrichment. I always try to broaden my knowledge and I would really like to thank you for the course, it was very useful. In the past with you I had also done a selection of the Italian national team. These are experiences that if you have the chance you have to do. I am really delighted with everything I have done with you.

What is it like to be a female coach? Do you feel so much stereotypes and prejudices related to the role of women in the world of football?
I can partially answer I think because I have always and only coached women’s teams and with them obviously, never any problem. I must say, however, that even with my male colleagues I have never felt discredited or inferior, there is a lot of collaboration and respect between us. Therefore I don’t feel all this difference and I don’t experience stereotypes and prejudices on my skin. I am sorry that in the world it is still widespread, and unfortunately I do not know when this will end, the thought that the football woman does not understand anything about it. I continue for mine without being knocked down by anything.


Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi



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