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Interview with Luigi Pignata, coach of Ispra C5

«challenging Ticinia Novara is an opportunity to grow, the boys want to play»

Coach Luigi Pignata, Ispra C5 coach who will play the Super Cup final against Ticinia Novara on Sunday -11 October, during the pre-match press conference he released some interesting statements to our microphones

How does it feel to have to face a team like Ticinia Novara? In short, it cannot be said that you have the favor of the prediction on your side …
Taking on a team like this is undoubtedly very difficult for us. A large part of the players on our team participate in Serie D championships, and facing experienced players who play or have played in part in Serie A2 and Serie B is ambitious. It is normal that we will pay for this gap on the pitch, but the boys are extremely energized and we will play for fun trying to accomplish the feat. We will do all we can to try to bring the game home.

How do you prepare for such an important match as a final?
In this case, since there is no parity in the category, the difficulty further increases. However, I will prepare the match within the possibilities that the quality of my squad allows me. In the past we have already measured ourselves against other high-level teams in the football hall panorama: last winter we played against guys who came from A2 and there we understood that we can also annoy teams that are superior to us on paper. What interests me is that the boys play with the right times, then we rightly calculate that every mistake we make will lead with high probability to a concretization of the opponents. We must be especially careful on the defensive phase, to limit mistakes as much as possible. They will be ready to take advantage of our every mistake.

Have you already thought of a speech to encourage your kids before the game?
The boys are already very enthusiastic about them, logically they are keen to do their best. Psychologically, therefore, they are ready to face this match and they are also ready to face a match from which it is unlikely that they will win. Logically, I have already prepared them by telling them that sport is like life: once you win and once you can lose. These games are also useful on a personal level, to help players grow. They are very useful matches to better face those challenges with teams of the same category: matches of this type give you an extra awareness from a psychological point of view. The important thing is to face these matches without fear. It is particularly difficult for us to prepare for this match also due to the fact that we are going first to face a final, but above all because until a few days ago we did not know that we would have to face this match. Unfortunately, the winners of the Italian Cup will not be able to be present and therefore, having reached the final, we have earned the opportunity to challenge Ticinia Novara for the Super Cup. The important thing is that the boys approach the game with enthusiasm and fairness. Whether you win or lose, you shake hands before you leave (although unfortunately you can’t shake hands right now) and use the game to gain experience. We will be ready despite the difficulties that we may encounter. Then we know that now the situation is complicated also due to the pandemic …

I take the ball then to ask you what you think of the current situation and what, in your opinion, the role of sport should be at this moment.
So, without a doubt the Covid-19 problem still remains very serious. It is a problem that we will not get over in no time. If we think that already in Serie A they are experiencing considerable difficulties (with teams that even exceed 10 positives in the squad), it is easy to understand that in a minor reality like ours the difficulties are even greater. We must always try to move forward with intelligence, following the protocols and indications of the government. It is normal that when a problem of this type arises many are frightened. Unfortunately this situation is like a war: sooner or later it will end and we will return to normal. I always tried to convey serenity to my boys and everyone around me, then thanks to FIFS and president Axel Paderni we already had the opportunity to play again in July. Both the boys and I were delighted to be back to taking the first steps, which in any case had a significant impact on a psychological level. Let’s say that slowly now the situation is improving in the sports universe also with regards to the fears of athletes and clubs, and this is good because sport can help to temporarily distract public attention from
the halo of negativity. inevitably linked to the pandemic.

Thank you very much Mr. Pignata and good luck for Sunday.
Thanks, we will do our best!

Interview conducted by Michele Piazza

The Italian Super Cup will be held on Sunday 11 October at 18.00 and will be held at the Palanovarello of the Novarello Villaggio Azzurro Sports Center in Granozzo con Monticello (NO).

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