Top Five Biella wins the 2020 League Cup!

Great show last Thursday 24 September at Pala Nelson Mandela in Lainate (MI) for the 2020 League Cup Final match which saw the Top Five Biella and Team Ticino Lugano competing against each other for the 4th Event in order of importance organized by FIFS .

Start of the match all for Marco Militano’s Ticinesi with Alshiki Mohamad, Atay Bek Elia goals, to which I answer for Daniele Patti and Montonera Micheal from Biella, the goal of the Lugano advantage with Kreshnik Mustafaj expiring before the break.
In the second half a great reaction from the Top Five with a hat-trick by Eloaouni Oussama that completely overturns the match, for which the response of Kreshnik Mustafaj is not enough with the score that ends with a definitive 5 to 4 in favor of the Top Five Biella that wins this first seasonal trophy.

Present at the award ceremony Secchi Mauri representing the FIFS Federal Council.

FIFS sincerely thanks the race directors Chinelli Alessandro and Talarico Antonio, as well as OPES Italia for their support to the event.