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Registration for the CONI coaches course 1st level indoor football is now open

The Italian Football Hall Federation officially announces that registrations for the 1st level CONI ballroom football coaching course will be held in online mode starting from 15 June.

The course, organized in collaboration with the OPES Italia training sector, includes a total of 16 hours divided into lessons of 2 hours each, in addition to a final written exam for the achievement of the CONI certification of 1st level of football coach. The 1st level coaches course enables male and female FIFS promotional and regional activities for the youth sector.


Course program and teaching:

1st Lesson – Monday 15 June 20.30-22.30 Course Opening, Overview of Cards and Federal Regulations, Overview of Regulations (Differences in other types of Football)

2nd Lesson – Tuesday 16 June 20.30-22.30 Knowledge of the game of table football and fundamental concepts

3rd Lesson – Thursday 18 June 20.30-22.30 The role of the coach and the leadership and team training

4th Lesson – Friday 19th June 20.30-22.30 Methodology and training methods

5th Lesson – Monday 22 June 20.30-22.30 The training session

6th Lesson – Tuesday 23 June 20.30-22.30 Ideation of the exercises

7th Lesson – Thursday 25 June 20.30-22.30 Training styles

8th Lesson – Friday 26 June 20.30-22.30 The tactics in Sala Calcio


Course trainers:

Alessio Arezzi – Federal Technician and Federal Trainer

Guerrino Parise – Federal Technician and Trainer

Federico Caliri – Sports Psychologist and Mental Coach

Alessandro Chinelli – Federal Trainer and Arbitration Sector

Axel Paderni – President of the Italian Football Hall Federation


Closed number of 25 participants – registration by Thursday 11 June p.v. or upon reaching the set number.

N.B. The course will be online only so you will need a laptop or a landline with speakers and microphone, connected to the internet, the software will be “Google Meet” and the access password will be sent a few minutes before the start of the first lesson, both whatsapp and email.


For information and registration:
Calling 348/7502634 or 349/3125140