EJ Football Akkademy triumphs in the Cesano Carneval Cup 2020!


The Cesano Carneval Cup 2020 was held in the afternoon of Sunday 9 February at the Planet Soccer Sports Center in Cesano Maderno (MB), an event reserved for 13-year-old Clubs in which 6 Clubs took part:

EJFootball Akkademy, Pol. Canevari Genova, Rapid Lugano 1 and 2, SLC Cormano and FC Savosa Massagno, below the results of the event:

Game 1A: EJ Football Akkademy vs FC Rapid Lugano 2-1

Race 1B: FC Savosa Massagno vs SLC Cormano 4-5

Race 2A: FC Rapid Lugano 1 vs Pol. Canevari 3-1

Race 2B: SLC Cormano – Rapid Lugano 2 7-1

Race 3A: EJ Football Akkademy vs Pol. Canevari 6-0

Race 3B: FC Savosa Massagno vs FC Rapid Lugano 2 2-1

Final 5/6 Pol. Canevari vs FC Rapid Lugano 2 4-2

Semi-final 1: EJ Football Akkademy vs FC Savosa Massagno 6-1

Semifinal 2: SLC Cormano vs Rapid Lugano 1 5-3 A.D.

Final 3rd-4th: SLC Cormano vs FC Savosa Massagno 2-1

Final 1st / 2nd: EJ Football Akkademy vs Rapid Lugano 1 4-0

The next tournament that will involve the 13-year-old Clubs is scheduled for Sunday 1st March from 9.00 to 12.00 at the Palacairoli in Lainate (MI).

For further information, contact the FIFS Secretariat by writing an e-mail to segreteria.generale@fifs.eu or by calling 349/3125140