8th Caminiti-Codispoti Cup – Here is the program!

The Italian Football Hall Federation officially announces the program of the 8th Caminiti-Codispoti Cup, an event reserved for the Clubs of the Little Friends Category (born 2012/2013/2014) in memory of Giovanni Caminiti, historic President of FIFS from 1988 to 2009 and Bruno Codispoti, historical manager of the Lainate Futsal to be held on Sunday 1 March at the Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli 33, Lainate (MI) to which 8 formations have joined, following the program of the event:
Group A: Centro Schiaffino – Poglianese A – Nuova Amatese – Segrate Sports Team
Group B: Victor Rho – Poglianese B – Academy FIFS – Pol. Barbaiana
13.15 Race 1A: Centro Schiaffino vs Poglianese A
13.30 Race 1B: Victor Rho vs Poglianese B
13.45 hours Race 2A: Nuova Amatese vs Sports Team Segrate
2.00 pm Race 2B: Academy FIFS vs Pol. Barbaiana
14.15 Race 3A: Centro Schiaffino vs Nuova Amatese
2.30 pm Race 3B: Victor Rho vs Academy FIFS
2.45 pm Race 4A: Poglianese A vs Sports Team Segrate
15.00 Race 4B: Poglianese B vs Pol. Barbaiana
15.15 Race 5A: Centro Schiaffino vs Sports Team Segrate
15.30 Race 5B: Victor Rho vs Pol. Barbaiana
15.45 Race 6A: Poglianese A vs Nuova Amatese
16.00 Race 6B: Poglianese B vs Academy FIFS
16.15 Quarter 1: 1A vs 4B
16.30 Quarters 2: 2A vs 3B
16.45 Quarter 3: 3A vs 2B
17.00 Quarters 4: 4A vs 1B
5.15 pm Semifinal 1: Winning Quarter 1 vs Winning Quarter 3
5.30pm Semifinal 2: Winning Quarter 2 vs Winning Quarter 4
17.45 Final: Semifinal Winner 1 vs Semifinal Winner 2
For information contact the FIFS Secretariat
By calling 349/3125140

By writing an email to segreteria.generale@fifs.eu