Coppa Italo-Swiss 2020 Women’s Cup will be played at Garbagnate Milanese (MI)

The Federazione Italiana Football Sala officially announces that the Italo-Swiss Cup 2020 reserved for Women’s Clubs will be held on Saturday 29th February at the Palestra Polivalente Centro Sportivo, Via Montenero, Garbagnate Milanese (Milan).

The Cup will be attended by 4 Clubs: Club Italia (Italy), FIFS All Stars (Selection of the Best Foreigners of the Italian FIFS Championship), AS Gambarogno (Switzerland) and Uni Futsal Bullè , below the program of matches:


17,00-17,45 Semifinal 1: Team Italia vs Uni Futsal Bullè

5.45-18.30pm Semifinal 2: AS Gambarogno vs FIFS All Stars

18.30-19.15 Final 3rd-4th Female

19.15-20.00 Final 1st-2nd Female


Races will have a duration of 1 timo of 30 minutes not effective with last minute race effective.


For further information please contact the FIFS Secretariat by writing to