Lots of Emotions on the pitch in Lugano for Switzerland vs Italy Piccoli Amici Category!

In the morning of Sunday, January 12, the International Test Match Category Small Friends for 2012/2013 born between Switzerland and Italy at the Lambertenghi Gym in Lugano (Canton Ticino – Switzerland).

Beyond the sporting aspect that has seen the young Italians come out victorious for 8 to 2 against the equal age red-crossed, it was a historic date for the European AMF 5-a-side football as it was the first official friendly match in the continent that involved these young athletes, a symptom of growth of our discipline with the technical gap and spread with the South American continent that is increasingly thinning, with the will of the Federations of Switzerland and Italy to ensure that this initiative becomes a meeting point for the growth of young people.

There was great excitement both among the very young athletes and among the many relatives and enthusiasts who filled the Lugano gym, which was the right accompaniment to a morning of joy and passion for our discipline.



Training schedule:

ITALY: 1 Fratto Stefano , 2 Levorato Christian , 3 Leo Patrick , 4 De Giorgi Andrea , 5 Bovo Carlo Maria , 6 Gaini Alessandro , 7 Gambarotto Thomas , 8 Disidoro Nicola , 9 Scalisi Leonardo , 10 Scalisi Riccardo , 11 Zanasca Leonardo



SWITZERLAND: 1 Carrosino Andrea , 2 Bomizzi Mattia , 3 Margottini Thiago , 4 Carrosino Marco , 5 Suarez Sergio Nunes , 6 Leimgruber Liam , 7 Negri Aron , 8 Di Leo Nicandro , 9 Marazzo Vincenzo , 10 Basilico Andrea , 11 Jovic Teodor , 12 Bernet Samuele



Switzerland scorers: 1 Carrosino, 1 Negri

Italy scorers: 4 Gambarotto , 2 Zanasca, 1 Disidoro, 1 Bovo


A special thanks to referees Simone Zaccari and Roberto Ferrari for having directed and guided the very young athletes in this race.