The Italian National Teams gathering in Mortara (PV)

The Italian Football Sala Federation is pleased to announce that the next meetings of the Italian National Open Categories, Absolute Male and Male Veterans will be held Sunday, January 19, 2020 at Palazzetto Sport Guglieri, Via dell’Arbogna, 10 , Mortara (PV).

The programme for the day is:


Italian National Open Category Meeting (Athletes with Intellectual-Relational Disabilities)

H 12.15-12.45 Meeting and Registration
H 12.30-12.45 Technical Meeting
H 13.00-14.30 Training Session


Italian National Meeting of Absolute Men

H 13.45-14.15 Meeting and Registration
H 14.15-14.30 Technical Meeting
H 14.30-17.00 Training Session


Italian National Meeting of Male Veterans Over 40

H 16.15-16.30 Meeting and Registration
H 16.30-16.45 Technical Meeting
H 17.00-19.00 Training Session



FIFS thanks the City of Mortara (PV), which authorized and sponsored the day with a resolution of the City Council the use of Palazzetto Guglieri, one of the most beautiful structures of the Lombardy Region, with 20×40 playground in Parquet.