13th San Rocco Cup and Italian Super Cup Open Saturday, September 7 in Lainate (MI)

It will be held next Saturday, September 7 at Palacairoli, Via Fratelli Cairoli 32, Lainate (MI) the 13th Edition of the San Rocco Tournament, a classic tournament that for years opens the season for men’s clubs FIFS. The tournament will be attended by 7 teams: Lainate Futsal, Voluntas Novara, Ispra C5, Neos Air, Gea Soluction Biella, Top Five Biella and Planet Soccer Cesano Maderno.


Group A: Ispra C5 – Lainate Futsal – Top Five Biella
Group B: Tools Distribution Biella – Neos Air – Voluntas Novara


Below is the programme of the matches:

13.15 Opening Gym and Registration
14.00-14.30 Match 1A: Top Five Biella vs Ispra C5
14.30-15.00 Match 1B: Neos Air vs Voluntas Novara
15.00-15.30 Match 2A: Top Five Biella vs Lainate Futsal
15.30-16.00 Match 2B: Neos Air vs Tools Distribution Biella
16.00-16.30 Match 3A: Lainate Futsal vs Ispra C5
16.30-17.00 Match 3B: Tools Distribution Biella vs Voluntas Novara
17.00-17.30 Match 5th-6th Place: 3rd Classified Group A vs 3rd Classified Group B
17.30-18.00 Semi-final 1: 1st Classified Group A vs 2nd Classified Group B
18.00-18.30 Semi-final 2: 1st Classified Group B vs 2nd Classified Group A
18.30-19.00 Final 3rd-4th Place: Semifinal loser 1 vs Semifinal loser 2
19.00-19.30 Final 1st-2nd Place: Winning Semifinal 1 vs Winning Semifinal 2

All matches will be a 20-minute time non effective.

20.00-21.30 Italian Super Cup Category Open 1st Division: Lainate Futsal vs Ticinia Novara


The day will be dedicated to the memory of Vittorio Russo, historian of the Bar Il Castello di Barbaiana in Lainate and collaborator of the ASD Il Giardino Danzante Lainate, which recently passed away.