Lainate International Futsal Youth Cup C13, here’s the program!

Lainate International Futsal Youth Cup C13, here’s the program!

It’s official! “Lainate International Futsal Youth Cup”, a friendly competition reserved to National Representative 13-years-old Category (born in 2006/2007/2008) will be played on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Sunday 5th January 2019 at Pala Nelson Mandela, Via Circonvallazione Ovest 1, Lainate (MI) organized by FIFS with the Patronage of Metropolitan City of Milan and Municipality of Lainate. 6 teams has attended:

  1. Italy
  2. Switzerland
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Principality of Seborga
  5. Ecuador, composed by athlets living in Italy
  6. Bolivia, composed by athlets living in Italy

In the following the program of the event:

A – Italy – United Kingdom – Bolivia

B – Switzerland – Principality of Seborga – Ecuador

Friday 4ht January:

16.00-18.00 Competition 1A: Italy vs Uited Kingdom

18.00-20,00 Competition 1B: Principality of Seborga vs Switerland

Saturday 5th January:

10,00-12,00 Competition 2A: Italy vs Bolivia

12,00-14,00 Competitio 2B: Principality of Seborga vs Ecuador

14.00-16.00 Lunch

16,00-18,00 Competition 3A: United Kingdom vs Bolivia

18,00-20,00 Competition 3B: Switzerland vs Ecuador

Subday 6th January:

9,00-10,45 Semifinal 1: 1st Classified Round A vs 2nd Classified Round B

10,45-12,30 Semifinal 2: 1st Classified Round B vs 2nd Classified Round A

12,30-14,15 Final 5th-6th  positions: 3rd Classified Round A vs 3rd Classified Round B

14,15-16,00 Final 3rd-4th positions: Loser Semifinal 1 vs Loser Semifinal 2

16,00-17,45 Final 1st-2nd positions: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

Teams in the 3 days will stay at IBIS Hotel Milano Fiera in Lainate (MI)