Programs of the games of AMF World Cup – Colombia 2018

The Italian Football Federation inform officially to have received today the date by “Asociacion Mundial de Futsal” the official calendar of the games of the Italian National during the next AMF’S World Cup class 20 years planned on 18 until the 25 November 2018, that will play in the city of Valledupar in Colombia (South America):

• Sunday 18 November
At 17.45 (Colombian hours) Opening Ceremony

• Monday 19 November
At 18.30 (Colombian hours) Paraguay vs Italia

• Tuesday 20 November
At 13.30 (Colombian hours) Italy vs United States

• Wensday 21 November
At 18.00 (Colombian Hours) Italy vs Brasil

The passionate can see all the games in streaming live of the Italian national connecting at Senal Colombian TV.