Success for the first CONI certified trainer course

On Saturday 14 July, at the Pala Nelson Mandela in Lainate, Milan, the first trainer qualification course with CONI – OPES certification was held by the training centre of the Federazione Italiana Football Sala.

A total of 31 participants took part in the course under the direction of the teachers:

  • Prof. Andrea Patti (CONI Training Sector and OPES Italy Training Manager)
  • D.T. Davide Del Giudice (FIFS National Technical Sector Manager)
  • Dr. Federico Caliri (Sport Psychologist and Academy Project Coordinator)
  • Prof. Ivan Iaia (Personal Trainer and Italian Champion of Street Soccer)
  • Alessandro Chinelli (Team Manager National Technical Sector)

The course was opened by FIFS President Axel Paderni, who thanked all the participants and teachers for their participation.

The course was divided into two parts, theoretical and practical:

In the theoretical part, held in the conference room of the restaurant Carpe Diem, were treated hints of sports law and federal papers with notions of tactics and applied technique

In the practical part, the coaches were able to learn directly on the field of play, in the same Pala Nelson Mandela, notions on rules, tactics and applied technique

Starting from the 2018 -2019 season, the 2nd LEVEL course with CONI certification will be organized with Opes Italia.