Team Ticino gained the Alpi’s cup C20, beating in the final match with the result of 5-4 the Accademy FIFS C20, in a nervous match.

In order to understand the situation, we can retrace this competition:

The first match of the day for the round A was between the Team Ticino and FC Savosa-Massagno team; the match has been really exciting and well balanced, and it ended with the victory of Team Ticino with the result of 5-4, thanks to the goals of Jalal, Ahmari, Rojdan and double goal of Altin,while in the Savosa team scored two times Nikolic, Daneri and Ceppi.

In the first match of the round B, the teams FC Ligornetto and FC Breganzona have played in a really balanced match in which none of the teams prevailed, so the match ended with the result of 1-1. For the Ligornetto team scored the goal Fasetti while for the Breganzona team scored the goal Schifferle Dos Santos.

In the second match of the round A, the competition were between FC Savosa Massagno and Sassariente, the blue ones won with the result of 4-1 thanks to the goals of Danilo, St. Ganovic and the double goal of Doveri; while in the guess team Siriani scored the goal.

In the other match of the round B made a debut in the competition the team Accademy FIFS C20 against FC Breganzona; the match has been spectacular and full of surprise, and it ended with the result of 4-4. in the Accademy FIFS team scored the goals Allievi, Granato and Bruzzano while for the Breganzona team the goals have been scored by Moscatiello, Giovannini, Scotto and Islamaj.

In the final match of the round A have played Team Ticino and FC Sassariente with the result of 9-0, with the goals of Atay and Altin.

The last match of the rounf B played FC Ligornetto and Accademy FIFS C20 with the result of 6-0 with the goals of Bonzano and Carloni.

the round stage ended with the victory of Team Ticino and Accademy FIFS, which gained the top of the round and then they will compete in the final, in order to win the cup, while for the rest of the podium will compete Savosa Massagnano against Breganzona.

At the end of the round there are Sassarinite and Ligornetto that will compete in order to avoid the last position.

in this match has won Sassarinite team with the result of 6-3, so the Fc Ligornetto gained the last position.

In the match to gain the 3rd and 4th position played Savosa-Massagno and Breganzona, and this last one has gained the 3rd position because it won the match with the result of 3-2, thanks to the goals of Sala, Islamaj and Soldati.

In the final match between Team Ticino and Accademy FIFS C20 the result has been 5-4; the match has been characterised by 4 blue penality. For the winners the goals have been scored by Jalal, Peker, Brito and Ahmari while for the looser the goals have been scored by Carloni, Granato, Puggioni.

Finally the Lugano comunity can exult for the victory.