Arona C5 wins Coppa Regione Lombardia

The 2017 edition of the Coppa Regione Lombardia took place on Saturday afternoon at the  Centro Sportivo “Planet Soccer” of Cesano Maderno (MB). The partecipating formations have been eight, divided into two groups of four teams contending for the prestigious trophy.

The Arona c5 team  defeated in the final the Tubo Rosso team with score of 5-3 in a thrilling match, which saw its epilogue on penalties; the result after normal time was 3-3.

In the final 3rd / 4th place to win the lowest rung of the podium was the team of Las Palmas who had the better of the Lugano Switzerland United training for 2-4.

Also two individual awards were given to the best player and the best goalkeeper of the tournament, won respectively by Antonio Dias Santos Micael (Arona C5) and Franjo Basic (Lugano United).

Congratulations to Arona C5 team to win the trophy, so that also wins a place in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, along with the Tubo Rosso formations, Lugano United and Las Palmas.

The Federation wishes to thank all the teams that participated in the event, and also thanked the Centro Sportivo Planet Soccer for the hospitality and for organizing the event.

Group A: Las Palmas, AC Tua, Lugano United, Mass Boys.

Group B: Tubo Rosso, Futsal Colchoneros, Arona C5, Real Cesano Maderno.

Results Group A: 

Las Palmas – AC Tua                   7 – 1;

Lugano United – Mass Boys      4 – 2;

Las Palmas – Lugano United     2 – 3;

AC Tua – Mass Boys                    0 – 3;

Las Palmas – Mass Boys             4 – 1;

AC Tua – Lugano United            3 – 5;

Table Group A: 

Lugano United    9

Las Palmas           6

Mass Boys            3

AC Tua                  0

Results Group B:

Arona C5 – Real Cesano Maderno                    3 – 3;

Tubo Rosso – Futsal Colchoneros                      1 – 0;

Arona C5 – Futsal Colchoneros                         5 – 3;

Tubo Rosso – Real Cesano Maderno                6 – 0;

Arona C5 – Tubo Rosso                                       2 – 6;

Futsal Colchoneros – Real Cesano Maderno   2 – 5;

Table Group B:

Tubo Rosso                      9

Arona C5                          4

Real Cesano Maderno   4

Futsal Colchoneros         0


1st semi-final: Lugano United – Arona C5  4 – 5;

2st semi-final: Tubo Rosso – Las Palmas    3 – 1;


7st/8st place 

Futsal Colchoneros – AC Tua 0 – 1;

5st/6st place

Real Cesano Maderno – Mass Boys 6 – 5;

3rd/4st place

Lugano United – Las Palmas 2 – 4;

1st/2nd place

Aruna C5 – Tubo Rosso 5 – 3;