Dry Run for the 2017 Women’s World Cup

On Saturday morning, October 15 the FIFS Women National Selection were tested in a tactical training directed by CT Davide Del Giudice.

Despite numerous defections due to an infirmary full of players who have an accident in the clubs they belong to, most of the summoned attended the training session under the guidance of CT and supervision of the Vice Alessio Arezzi, demonstrating their attachment to the uniform.
The workout begins with a typical heating pre-game, to prepare the team to the international competitions mood; some athletes are examinated by massage therapists and osteopaths Fabrizio Poletti and Luca Leocorti, who after careful consideration decide that the athletes not ready for the the physical demands of training won’t join the group, making them also attend the meeting as observers in the stands and flanked by staff assistants. he morning program proceeds as expected on analytical definition of the schemes, and the girls responded with great attention expressing keen observations, then move on to the situational practice with admirable application.

At the end of the workout CT Davide Del Giudice declares: “I am satisfied with the meeting and performance of the athletes. We are ready to make even more competitive the team to face the World Cup 2017 in the best way, aware of the high difficulty of the competition. I am grateful and honored for professional collaboration of my colleagues of the staff that offer an outstanding contribution in every department, from the technical to the medical area. With this opportunity I’d like to mention that according to our statistics, 97.3% of the accidents suffered by our athletes come from activities in the clubs they belong to (in over 107 games since there is the women’s National Team FIFS we reveal on our fields a sprained ankle, a sprained knee and a bruise to the collateral for clash of the game). It regrets a bit ‘have to hear some leaders of society where our athletes militate raising doubts about our requests to preserve the safety of some footballers when they are called to carry out an important representation with the blue uniform. ”


The technical staff:

Davide Del Giudice, Coach

Alessio Arezzi, Vice coach

William Rossi, Goalkeepers trainer

Fabrizio Poletti, Athletic trainer

Alessandro Chinelli, Team manager

Luca Leocorti, Massage and physical therapist

Federico Caliri, Mental trainer