Everything’s Ready for “A Goal for Paediatrics”

Yesterday October 11th the auditorium of the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia hosted the press conference presenting “Un goal per la pediatria”, an event aimed at raising funds for the hospital’s paediatrics department.


FIFS president Axel Paderni, the hospital’s CRAL president and event promoter Pietro Castellese, Pavia Calcio a 5 president, Avv. Andrea Colombo, University of Pavia Rector Prof. Fabio Rugge, and professors Nunzio Del Sorbo, Gian Luigi Marseglia and Giorgio Rondini from the Policlinico.


The event will take place on Friday October 14th at the Stadio Pietro Fortunati in via Alzaia 137, Pavia. Starting time is 19.00, when an OPEN match between Pavia Calcio a 5 Special and the FIFS OPEN Representative coached by Daniele Colognesi will be played; after that, a triangular match will happen starring Vatican City National Squad, GS I Bindun (a selection of Inter and Milan legends) and a representative from Fondazione San Matteo and the University of Pavia.