Lessons of the 2nd Qualification Course for federal Referees F.I.F.S. of Football Sala are completed

Sunday, October 9, 2016, with practical field trials and the direction of some short games, the 2nd course for the qualification to the Football Sala Referee function A.M.F Regulation ended ; the course is the one prepared and organized by the Regional Delegation of Lazio through the Technical Arbitral Sector of Paolo Fortunati, at the impulse of President F.I.F.S. Axel Paderni, under the supervision of Mr Franco Gasparo, international referee A.M.F. and president of the National Referees Group, with the participation of six aspiring referees.


For the execution of the theorical lessons has been made available the meeting room of the offices of the New Superiride S.R.L – property of the referee Dr. Emiliano Zanni -, located in Via Mirtillo 259, La Rustica area, in Rome.

The course had a development of 20 hours in total, which were divided into three days of lectures, September 30th, introductory day, lecture by Paolo Fortunati, and on October 7th and October 8th (morning and afternoon), lecture by Franco Gasparo, where it was spoken about the 14 rules, for a total of 17 theoretical hours, and 3 hours of practice on the field, during the morning of Sunday, October 9th.

The lectures were focused on watching movies of the last world races C-17, held in Paraguay this year, the illustration and explanation of the rules of the game, with the deepening of some typical themes of the football sala records, while, in practice lessons, aspiring referees have tried to put into practice on the field the teachings received and the automation involved in the movement for proper direction double arbiter mode, under the supervision of Mr Franco Gasparo, that , on the sidelines, he has closely followed the correct application of the rules.

The lectures turned out to be full of discussion points and very productive, not only from a teaching point of view, but also for having revealed a number of problems at the regulatory level, which underscores how participation in lessons has been very careful and rigorous by all; thanks to the attention, to the skill and professionalism of Mr Franco Gasparo, one of the four Italian referees who can claim the title of International AMF, all doubts were clarified and resolved with insight, clarity, and an ability to synthesize extraordinary.

At the end of the course President Fortunati and the aspiring referees thanked the friend Franco Gasparo, with the promise to meet again soon for final exams (November 2016), which will allow, in case of success, the nominee and the incorporation in the federal ranks of 6 new colleagues.