Oro Cashmire wins the seventh edition of the Euro Mediterranean Cup

Saturday, 25th June in Imperia at the Palasport San Lazzaro, it was held the seventh edition of the Euro Mediterranean Cup, the event organized by the Italian Football Federation Indoor under the patronage of the Municipality of Imperia.

The Clubs that competed: Pro Seborga (Italia), FC Beausoleil (Francia), Oro Cashmire Sanremo.

The triangular began with the match between Pro Seborga and FC Beausoleil. The first half proved quite balanced, indeed, it ended in draw (3-3). During the second half the French team dominated, marking three goal thanks to Poli, Morian and Santos. The final result of 6-4 allowed at the French formation to play straight the final.

The second match was played by Oro Cashmire Sanremo and Pro Seborga. Sanremo’s team dominated throughout the entire game which it ended 9 to 4 for Oro Cashmire.

The final was played between Oro Cashmire Sanremo and FC Beausoleil. Throughout the entire first half reigned balance and fair play. Sanremo’s team scored two goals (Vedda and Torre) and the same did the French one (Santos and Fianazzi). Nonetheless, Sanremo’s team was more cynical and succeeded in winning the Cup thanks to only a single goal more than its opponents.

The game ended 5-4 for Oro Cashmire who won the seventh edition of the Euro Mediterranean Cup.

To see the photos of the event click here.