Alessio Arezzi talks about the rebirth of his National team Under 21

After the test match of Crema against ASD Zelo CO5, the National Under 21 it will be engaged in another test match, the one versus Pro Vercelli on Wednesday 29th.

The match against the team of Crema highlighted the various problems of the players and of a team defined by the same C.T- “a work in progress.”

In view of the next commitment of the National we had a chat with C.T Arezzi, to understand what has happened in Crema and what will be the path that will bring the National team Under 21 to the European Championship of 2017.

What are the impressions of Alessio Arezzi about the defeat against ASD Zelo. How important are the friendly/test match?

First, it is fair to point out that the national team is going through a phase of reconstruction and rebirth. After the World Cup in Chile and the European Championship in Spain we have had to deal with the generational change and the need for “new recruits”. New players are identified through stage and tested in friendly match or test match. So, organizing such games becomes crucial, because it is the only way we have to see the players in action against real teams. The test match of Crema highlighted individual gaps and it has also been a significant source of stress for our boys, who have suffered the burden of wearing the national uniform. Of course, the opponent was strong and compact, so compliments to Zelo are dutiful. Now we have to think about the test Match of Vercelli, also because in our group have joined three new elements.

Hence, the friendly match are extremely important, they are useful to test the players and know new ones, always in the view of the reconstruction of the team.

What is and what will be the path of the National team from here to the European Championship? How is doing the National so far?

As I said, our goal – for now – is to continue to test our players and identifying new ones and interesting ones. The test match will facilitate the work and contribute to the technical and tactical preparation of guys. For all these reasons – to date – we can not speak of a real national team, but of a Representative.

The effort to identify the best players which will go to the European Championship is significant and not without difficulties; the biggest one is that in Italy our discipline is poorly developed and the guys are not well informed about this discipline. This aspect – of course – did not facilitate the development.