Italian National team compact but imprecise: wins ASD Zelo CO5

Last night in Crema, in the Gym “Alina Donati”, was played the test match between the National Under 21 and the revelation team of Lombardy ASD Zelo CO5.

The match, umpired by two referees of the Swiss Federation, was immediately animated.

Both formations, throughout the game, created some interesting chances to score showing grit but also fair play.

In the first half, ASD Zelo of C.T Cattolico was able to realize his played in front of goal thanks to the Captain Rebuscini and the number 8 Martinenghi.

The National Under 21 of C.T Arezzi, which was not able to score a goal in the first half, succeded to mark in the second half thanks to the number 10 Bernardini.

After this goal, follow a lot of chances to score for the National team and three goals for the home team.

Alessio Arezzi, during the whole game, was able to test and observe carefully the performance of his players in a view of the important European commitment in 2017.

However, the Italian National team has showed compactness and ability to create many occasions, sometimes dangerous. Perhaps last night the National has had a decrease, regarding the coolness in front of goal and lucidity in cathartic moments.

We would like to remind that the National team will be engaged in another test match in Vercelli next Wednesday, 29th, precisely against the home team: Pro Vercelli C5.

The National Under 21 will be involved in a kind of sport tour that will bring them in different indoor stadium to get ready as better as they can, in a view of Euro2017. All of these, because the comparison with other teams and with themselves, is the only way to grow and improve.

The FIFS thanked the Swiss Football Federation indoor for the support given, regarding referees.