Italy in Final match: player ratings.

Here we are again with a cool head to give the votes in the final which saw the Belgian National impose itself on the Azzurri for 7-4:

12 Bagarin: 7 There is perhaps its small mistake on the first goal because it insert on the pole that protected, but then begins unleash major parades and get to parry a free throw in the final can not resist the Belgian outbreak.

2 Caddeo: 7 the man you do not expect in the most difficult time turn the unfavourite 1-0 into 1-1 and gives the charge to Italy.

3 Thiago Costa: 6,5 plays at a high level throughout the first half, then in the second begins to drop as the whole team.

4 Galli: 6 usual clean direction, but he had the 4-1 ball and smacks of altruism too, the boy is young and it will make the best of it.

5 Valenti: 6 he ran and he tried hid best but he wasn’t too incisive, a step too far left and leaves the hole into which slips the bomb on Dillien punishment.

6 Barboza: 7,5 its accelerations split the game, he scored twice that allowed the Azzurri to believe it until 4-4.

7 Usai: n.v. the captain of a thousand battles today does not approach the field, but still managed with his determination and his experience to help his teammates, and then to 44 years attending a Final match is not for everyone.

8 Dias: 6 runs and tries to restart but always missing the decisive twist.

9 Villa: 6,5 thorn in the side of the Belgians, his shot draw the result of 1-1.

10 Gagliardi: 6 he did his best but he didn’t convinced at 100%.

11 Licini: 7 the nickname “Zlatan” fill the bill, like che Sweden man he could score goals that normal people could only dream of, like the 2-1 one, ball stop and shot into the top, but Luke is not only this, He distributes the ball and always helps his teammates.

1 Musca: n.v.

Allenatore Davide Del Giudice: 7 harnesses the Belgium game for more than one time, his team with skill and character to one of the best teams in the World scene, really compliments !