Italy – Switzerland : REPORT CARDS

Here comes the report cards of the italian players in the match won by the National 7-3 against Switzerland:

12 Bagarin: 6.5  spectator in the first half of the match while in the second half present with great saves either with a job as defensive playmaker when the team raises the barycenter.

2 Cinnamon 6.5 hires a rustic duel with physical and with a constant pressure on every striker who comes to his area, the feet are not like “Usai’s” but one thing is certain “FROM HERE YOU DO NOT PASS”.

3 Thiago Costa: 8 absolutely extraordinary! While in the first match was Valenti to drag the team, here the italian-brasilian decides it’s his turn, disintegrates Switzerland with his conclusions and his 4 goals, but not only, his spirit of sacrifice leads him also to defend well and to save a lob on the line.

4 Cerighetti: 6 usual clean direction but when is moved a few meters ahead struggled  to mantain his level.

5 Valenti : 6 slams a lot but seems confused compared to the first appearance, however, scores the goal of the 6-3.

6 Barboza: 6.5 in addition of offensive and defensive abilities the player have also shown remarkable tactical intelligence when he commits fouls to avoid dangerous attacks.

7 Usai: 6.5 in the day in which he receives the FIFS Golden Ball he shows on the field two of the qualities that led him to win it: heart and soul. It can be seen from the determination put in every conflict and from the anger at each failed pass, he has the merit of serving the assist to Costa for the 1-0 and of trying to look for the personal joy until the end.

9 Villa: 6 a lot of running and incisiveness but today misses concreteness.

10 D’Alesio: 5,5 quality and capacity are not in discussion but he stretches too often the ball and makes mistakes that could be dangerous in the final.

11 Licini 7.5 here is the 3rd veteran of the team with a great performance today, double for him with a fantastic goal for spectators and photographers, the age on the identity card is not nothing compared to the talent that still shows.

1 Musca : 6 enters in the final with the clear task of rejecting the last Swiss assaults: mission accomplished.

Coach David Del Giudice: 6.5 relies on the old guard to win the game and the field gives him reason.