Italian in fluency with Switzerland 7-3

It is confirmed as the great rival of Belgium, Italy Del Giudice in fact win without too many problems against Switzerland 7-3.

The Azzurri are never entirely preoccupied in the first half by the Swiss forwards well -kept especially from Cannella and Barboza, instead to sign the four goals with which Italians have gone to relaxing break are enough veterans over 30 team Thiago Costa, Licini and Usai: the first two authors of two goals apiece, the captain for the assist that unlocked a game that could be prickly; honorable mention at the absolutely beautiful goal on the fly under the intersection of Licini that proves once again that age can not tarnish the class.

In the second half after undergoing the score 5-0 by Thiago Costa Switzerland with a reaction of pride attempting a comeback to the limit even going as far to be 5-3 and then again sunk  by Valenti goals and still Thiago Costa, who closed the match on the final 7-3.
The Del Giudice’s National so wait to know his challenger in the final of the tournament which in all probability will be the Belgium among the best teams in the world scene.