Winning Italy debut!

Important victory of Italy to the opening match in the Mundialito Cup Tournament, Del Giudice team’s manages to fold Moldova 8-3.

The match was immediately fought right from the start and even though Italy took the lead thanks to a Valenti shot deflected in goal from a Moldavian player was first achieved by Catirau and then overcome thanks to the beautiful Hamzeh Dalasheh goals at this point with courage and determination the Azzurri were able to retrieve the result always with Valenti and then to take the lead with Caddeo then ramping up with the goals of Costa and Valenti already in the first half.

The second half has seen the management of the game by Italy that still scarred with Dias, Barboza and Costa, for Moldova answered with a Melnic penalty.

Notes of merit go to Musca just arrived from the Under 21 real security between the posts and a Valenti feeder of the National even in difficult times.

Go Italy!