ITALIA-MOLDOVA player ratings

Here are the ratings of the Azzurri in the awaited match finished 8-3:


Musca: 7 the goalkeeper catapulted into the new reality makes it clear to everyone why he’s defending the posts of the National, a real wall able to hold the Moldovan assault even in the most difficult moments.

Caddeo: 6.5 scores in the most difficult moment the 3-2 and shows so much confidence in the field.

Costa: 6,5 two goals for him in this match although he could have scored more, but gives a big help to the team.

Galli: 6 clean and precise defensive direction for the team.

Valenti: 7.5 true showman of the day, with a hat-trick brings the team on his shoulders and lead it to the victory.

Barboza: 6 make his job and scores in the final.

Dias: 6 always looking for the big play, sometimes succeeds and sometimes not, maybe too fanciful but the talent is not in discussion.

Villa: 6.5 goes in and changes the face of the game with his shots and his determination.

Gagliardi 6.5 all running, heart and assists player, also today does his job.

Licini 6.5 never a thrown ball, so much experience and quality.

Bagarin 6.5 immediately called into question and answers always present

Mister Del Giudice: 6.5 the team starts contracted but also thanks to his turnovers Italy recovers and wins.

Honorable mention to Captain Stefano Usai: 10 for what he represents, for what he still expresses in the field and for his exemplar behavior off the field, true example for those who love sports.