nazionale diversamente abili fifs

Aldo Crippa: “The National OPEN is an opportunity for growth and cohesion that goes beyond prejudices”

In sport one of the most beautiful factors is diversity. In the football sala, everyone can and must be involved in important projects and the OPEN National team (disabled) is an example. “The importance of this project stems from the possibility for able-bodied athletes and athletes with disabilities to live their sporting passion together”. These

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matteo terraciano allenatore

Matteo Terraciano: “The National team is an honor. Ready to dedicate myself to my passion: coaching”

On the FIFS microphones we had the opportunity to interview Matteo Terraciano, a player from Team Ticino Lugano and the Italian Men’s National team. Joys and experiences lived during the career, but also much more. “An incredible emotion to participate in the Reus C13 World Cup with the Swiss Nationals”. We therefore dedicated a particular

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fernanda caprioli fifs

Fernanda Caprioli: “Women’s football is growing fast. Tenacity and courage to make mistakes are needed”

We had the opportunity to exchange two words with Fernanda Caprioli, athlete of the Italian Women’s National Team with an exceptional curriculum, having also participated in two women’s Champions for futsal clubs with the Dairagirls. Particular attention to the growth of the women’s football movement in recent years, but also several ideas on the National

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nicolò scardoni

Nicolò Scardoni: “The National team’s email from goosebumps. I’ll tell you about my dream debut”

During the period of suspension of sport activity, we had the opportunity to interview another protagonist in 5 AMF football, this is Nicolò Scardoni. Young but with a desire to split the world, Nicolò made his extraordinary debut in the national team in the friendly match against Lugano against Switzerland. We chatted with him about

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