Interview with Elia Pettinato, Coach of the A.S.D. Piemonte Sport Calcio 1963 Women: “The number one project is always to grow as much as possible on a technical level”

The covid 19 emergency is putting many of the amateur sports clubs in difficulty, even the most successful ones. Today we offer you an interview with Elia Pettinato, coach of the A.S.D. Piemonte Sport Calcio 1963: his girls triumphed in the FIFS Opening Cup Women 2020, but now, like all the other teams, they had

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Interview with Tiziana Impoco, c5 women’s coach, an unpopular opinion in the world of football: “It was appropriate to stop the sport, it was better not to start again now and do it later with confidence”

There are different opinions from the world of sport regarding the measures taken by the government to counter the spread of the covid 19 virus: Tiziana Impoco, C5 female coach, Cus Unime, tells us about hers and explains what it means to be a female coach.     You are a coach right? How is

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Interview with Ludovica Motto Ros, Captain of ASD Real Saragnocca: “Our hope is that this period will be shorter than one might think.”

With the approval of the new anti-covid rules, the world of sport was shocked. We interviewed Ludovica Motto Ros, captain of ASD Real Saragnocca who on Saturday 17 October was supposed to play the 2nd-3rd place Final of the FIFS Women’s Opening Cup 2020: here’s what she told us about the current difficulties    

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logo federazione italiana football sala fifs

The activities of the Italian Football Sala Federation are suspended

The Italian Football Sala Federation informs that all activities, trainings and matches are suspended, in compliance with the Order n.620 of the Presidency of the Lombardy Region signed on October 16, 2020 to facilitate the containment of infections from Covid-19.     For any information: FIFS secretariat Telephone 349/3125140 Mail