Lega Five FIFS Official Schedule

Federazione Italiana Football Sala announces that the official schedule for the Lega Five FIFS is live. The tournament will start with its 1st day on Tuesday October 25th and Wednesday October 26th. Click onto the following link to see all the information: calendario-lega-ufficiale-2016-2017 It all starts!

6th Day OPEN Championship

2,00 PM Second Division: Ticinia Novara 1– Pavia C5 3,00 PM First Division: CLS Saronno Robur – Ticinia Novara 4,00 PM Second Division: Pad Busto – Ticinia Novara 2 5,00 PM First Division: Lainate Futsal – Pavia C5   6,00 PM FINAL AWARDS CEREMONY FOR ALL TEAMS

3rd Day OPEN Championship

9,30 AM    First Division: Pavia C5 – Lainate Futsal 10,30 AM  Second Division: Pavia C5 – Ticinia Novara 1 11,30 AM   First Division: Ticinia Novara – CLS Saronno Robur 12,30 AM   Second Division: Ticinia Novara 2 – Pad Busto