Interview with Maurizio Scalise: “It is an experience that completes the training and adds something to each of us”

Less than a week to go until the first lesson of the Basic Course for 5 AMF Soccer Coaches!

Our interviews with the coaches who have attended the FIFS Coaching Courses continue: today we offer you an interview with Maurizio Scalise, who after a career as a player decided to become a coach in his region, Puglia, where this discipline was little known.



You became a coach following the FIFS course, what did this mean for you?
It meant a change, honestly, because I came from an experience only as a player, so I had never been a coach … So, let’s say that this first step as a manager really meant a transition from one category to another in the same branch. But it represented a lot because I also received the regional delegation, because in Puglia there was no this discipline, and now it is starting to grow unfortunately compatibly with the various epidemiological vicissitudes that are following one another: we are growing with enough difficulty because it did not already exist completely to the south, and so it becomes even more difficult because the epidemiological curve is not helping us, this is the truth …


I understand, and in your opinion can training as a sports coach also be useful in everyday life?
In my opinion, yes because the coach himself has those particular characteristics especially from team leader to organizer, to manager, so he has many characteristics that then in daily life are absolutely useful in any field, both at home in the family with children and at work, so it is an experience that completes the training and adds something to each of us, to each participant.


In your opinion, what are the difficulties and satisfactions of coaching in the youth sector?
Well the difficulties are many, however in the youth sector it is more difficult also because you are dealing with young people, so you have to evaluate both the technical tactical aspect but also you have to take care of the psychological, motivational aspect, and therefore it is clearly more iridescent than a professional or a more experienced person.

And what about the satisfactions?
Satisfaction comes when not only do you reach a trophy or something like that, that is a satisfaction that is easier to understand, but satisfaction also comes when you see growth in the boy, the realization of that growth, of that goal, represents truly a change, a gigantic satisfaction for the coach and for all the staff of course.


One last question, given the situation, what do you think of the new anti-covid measures approved by the government?
Well the measures … although thanks to the Minister of Sport they are also trying to keep the sporting field alive, especially the football one done outdoors and not that done in the closed parts, which has clearly been suspended … I think that sport is a essential element of the life of each of us, both in growing kids and in older people, because in my opinion sport, work and study must all go hand in hand: there must be both one and the other in life. These restrictive rules are clearly causing various problems for both coaches, collaborators, and managers of sports fields, everyone. But it is clear that we are all called to a particular sacrifice so that this curve is lowered and gives us back a normal life, because clearly since March we are no longer living a normal life, we are now in a completely different life from what it was before. Already in January-February the situation was different, in March it changed completely. This change was very heavy for all of us, and in my opinion the sport should never stop. It is clear, with all the respect of the legislation, of the anti-covid provisions, total respect of the protocols, but one should never stop, at least the athletic and motor activity part, especially in children, especially in the smallest up to an age. adolescent should remain. But I understand that it is difficult to make ends meet in a situation like this in which none of us have ever found ourselves and nobody has ever dreamed of being.


Well, thank you for your kindness!
Thanks to you!

Interview conducted by Laura Banalotti




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