Interview with Elia Pettinato, Coach of the A.S.D. Piemonte Sport Calcio 1963 Women: “The number one project is always to grow as much as possible on a technical level”

The covid 19 emergency is putting many of the amateur sports clubs in difficulty, even the most successful ones.
Today we offer you an interview with Elia Pettinato, coach of the A.S.D. Piemonte Sport Calcio 1963: his girls triumphed in the FIFS Opening Cup Women 2020, but now, like all the other teams, they had to stop because of the corona virus.



Would you like to tell us about your team and what you are experiencing as a result of the covid 19 health emergency?
I have been coaching Piemonte Sport, the first female C5 team, for 5 years now. The team grows from year to year, we follow a well-defined path and we are always looking for young girls to be able to renew ourselves at best. We are not in a good situation now. There is a great climate of demoralization in this stalemate. The team would like to train. We are sorry for this situation because obviously after you follow all the rules, put the environments in order and so on, the demoralization is amplified. We will see what happens next.

What is it like to be a male coach and coach a female team?
So, let’s assume that women’s football is totally different from men’s. I have no problem dealing with girls. In terms of training preparation not much has changed from the male; It is true that the rhythms are different, but to tell the truth on a technical level I find it easier to coach a women’s team.

Last year you won the Women’s FIFS Open Cup, did you have (and if possible still have) specific goals for this year?
To tell the truth, we didn’t have any corporate objectives and we don’t have any. We would have tried to stay in a good position in the championship, as we did last year, but without any pressure. The number one project is always to grow as much as possible on a technical level, we must create a group focused on technique.


Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi




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