Interview with Arturo Fabio Carciotto: “being online and living a course with these new features was special”

Our interviews with the coaches who attended the FIFS Coaching Courses continue: today we offer you an interview with Arturo Fabio Carciotto, who attended the Course last May online, passing the final exam with full marks.



How do you judge the experience of the coaching course held in May?
Yes, I judge the experience positively. It was a special experience even for the moment: in May there was still a somewhat difficult situation regarding the first wave of covids, so it was a rather special situation for everyone. Usually in my previous experience I had had the opportunity to do several courses, but all in presence clearly, and this was a notable difference with the ones I did previously, because in any case being online and living a course with these new features it was special. In itself, the course was positive, that is, the notions that were conferred were some interesting notions on the part of all the speakers, and then it was very interesting because ample space was left for debate, comparison … I in particular have been (laughs) one of those who fed him a bit almost every night here… So I found him really nice and interesting.

Well and can I ask you what made you want to become a coach?
So I’m already a full-fledged technician, even in 11-a-side football, I already have an experience of several years, several courses, etc. is a little different, which intrigued us both … so he talking to me then intrigued me too and we decided to attend him both to maybe open a new door on new horizons let’s say …

And you currently, well now there is a block of activities so maybe not at this precise moment, but did you coach teams after the course?
Yes, during the course I was coaching a women’s Serie C team, this year we had started training with a men’s five-a-side football team but clearly everything has already been suspended. Regional activities are already suspended, so we had to stop… Anyway yes, I was training both during the course and now I was entrusted with a team even though I had not formally signed yet… but yes the answer is yes.
One last question: how do you think sport and anti-covid rules can be reconciled?
Eh, this is a good question, because actually football sala, as well as other sports, is a team sport, so it is difficult to be able to reconcile… to do a training that is complete in all aspects. Surely it can be done by being very polite and very civil, therefore asking all the figures who must be present at training to wear the mask to make distances already in the parking lot of the sports facility, and above all trying to, with regard to the session, to program it in time and to create a natural distance between the players, perhaps delimiting certain areas, and trying to train them together but at the same time individually. It is clear that on certain aspects such as the technique, such as the athletic, physical aspect, it is possible to do it quite well, but in some ways under the tactical aspect, under the aspect of team play it is perhaps a little more difficult because we must clearly limit the matches, we must limit the collaborations between the players, so it is a bit penalizing … But somehow I would say that it is quite normal to be able to train, for other aspects there are some deficits that clearly cannot be canceled.

Okay thanks a lot for your kindness!
Nothing was a pleasure to be able to help!

Interview conducted by Laura Banalotti




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