Interview with Luigi Pignata, coach of Ispra C5: “the first thing that interests the coach, however, is to be able to create a group that is cohesive”

Being a coach means leading the team to victory, but not only: being a coach is much more!
Here is the interview with Luigi Pignata, coach of the Varese team Ispra C5 who played the Italian Super Cup against Ticinia Novara on Sunday 11 October 2020. On that evening, Pignata also received the Fair Play Award shown during the season. His is an important testimony, given his twenty years of experience in the world of football, of how “coaching” does not simply mean “making people win”.



During the Super Cup on Sunday 11 October against Ticinia Novara, Ispra C5 gave their all, how do you judge the experience of the match?
Let’s say that for us it was … we didn’t have to play so we played it knowing that the category where we play, compared to the one that the Ticinia boys do, is very different. But I wanted to participate anyway: I told my boys “let’s go and play regardless of the result”, in fact we played for what our abilities and potential are. It is normal that we did not have all the full staff, because I could only find 8 players available and so … this was it. We came to play it quietly without any problems, we appreciated the fact that we could have a final and therefore it went well for me regardless of the result that was really (laughs), that’s a little bit so in short … it wasn’t great. But the boys were happy to have done it because in any case they were confronted with highly experienced and high-level guys, that’s all.


Good. You also received a Fair Play award during that evening, how did you feel?
Well, as always it’s nice, in the sense … I didn’t even expect it! But it’s nice because it’s still nice to be recognized in that sense. Of course we also like to win, when we win it’s always more beautiful, but the fact that they recognized us … fair play to us is because we have always behaved well, it means that the boys in general have never shown anything bad. negative so it’s nice that we won it. In the end I am happy with these things here, when we go out on the pitch the first thing I tell the boys is not to go beyond the competitive performance, so what comes, you win and lose, I am interested more than anything else in the behavior that is always appropriate at the moment.


I wanted to ask you, given that FIFS has been organizing an Online Course for Coaches starting November 16, what does being a coach mean for you?
Eh … there are many aspects, many things in any case to be able to say about being a coach … Logically first of all I see the experience that a coach can have, I state that it is almost 20 years that between playing and training a bit of experience I’m done, the first thing that interests the coach, however, is to be able to create a group that is cohesive regardless of the category, so what is asked of the boys is always polite behavior and all the rest, and then the maximum of what can express the boys. It is certain that we as coaches must try to extrapolate the best of them, so the Course that will be done online, now I’ll see if I can combine it to be able to do it too because this is one more thing too, and I hope to do it because it is important, there are coaches who have had important experiences and it’s nice to be able to do it, I recommend it to everyone in short, logically you need to have the time to be able to follow him, that’s all…


Thanks! This is something that certainly makes us very happy !! Last question, very quickly, how will Ispra C5 deal with the covid emergency?
So we played, we followed all the procedures and we adapted, logically now there is all the stoppage and therefore unfortunately we have to stay still. We are doing something like this, on a video level, but nothing special, and unfortunately we have to adapt and wait for the ok to be able to train again … But I see it very very sad, in the sense that it will last a long time, so unfortunately we have to give up a little’. The bad thing about this period is just that, that the boys feel a bit “confused” and in any case we too cannot give them much, because in any case it all depends on the top, the state and so on. I am happy that, however, earlier in July with the first lockdown the FIFS moved in time and first of all to be able to let us play, to be able to take the first steps after 40, 60 days of absolute stoppage and in fact I thanked Axel Paderni and Chinelli because they moved anyway… Initially we played in Switzerland, and then we moved to Lainate rather than Novarello to be able to do the other sporting events they organized. I was happy because with all the precautions that you had to have, they did it well, in the sense with respect for everything there was to be respected. We hope as soon as possible to really be able to exercise this sport again because it gives us strength, it gives strength to the kids, it gives strength to us who teach it, so this is important for life and for moving forward.


Well, thank you very much for the compliments too! Thanks for your kindness and good evening!
OK thanks goodbye!

Interview conducted by Laura Banalotti




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