Interview with Guerrino Parise, coach of the national team C13: “I think it is very important above all to try to make people understand that it must become a passion”

On November 16 2020 the Coaching Course will start, enabling the youth sector, organized online by the Italian Football Sala Federation, but what responsibility does coaching the boys entail? How important is sport for them and what does it mean to reach important goals? We asked Guerrino Parise, coach of the national team c13, who finished 4th at the Reus 2019 World Cup


What does it mean for you to coach the national team category 13?
So, first of all it is a pride because in any case it is always a National Selection and gives you the opportunity to participate in important international events, such as the World Championship that we played last year in Reus (Barcelona), and still gives you the opportunity to to make boys grow and to complete them from a technical point of view, because, according to my humble point of view, football hall is preparatory to football at 11. Very useful for boys especially at a young age to grow up in parallel practicing both … both disciplines, the Football Sala and the 11-a-side football. So consequently it is something that in my opinion is very important for the growth and to complete the boys from a technical point of view.

Speaking of the World Cup, what did finishing 4th mean for the guys on the team?
Well you know the boys are young, so let’s say in their “unconsciousness” they have…. they have not yet realized the importance of the result they achieved at the World Championship. And in any case they are still thirteen years old, let’s say that it is more a satisfaction for the older adults, for the technical staff who participated with them in the World Championship, because in any case we are the first national selection that ranks among the top 4 at a youth level. in a World Championship. But certainly from what I could see… reviewing let’s say the guys after the World Championship, certainly in terms of self-esteem and personal growth it was very important for them to participate in a competition like the World Championship.

How important is sport for young people, especially young people today?
Well for today’s young people it is very important, because they have too many, uh, too many possibilities to get distracted with other things. Let’s say that it is important above all from a mental point of view because technology is now the master with regard to children, consequently having an outlet at a sporting level is fundamental from my point of view, because just as I said before the technology is now taking most of the free time of the kids and the passion that we had in past years no longer exists: let’s say my generation, not having all these technological possibilities to get distracted, had a different passion towards sport in general and in this case of football. So I think it is very important above all to try to make people understand that it must become a passion, because there is a risk that this will become a pastime and a hobby and not something to be taken seriously so you have to work a lot on a mental level on the boys from this point of view.

Well, one last question: what is your personal opinion on how do you judge the new measures taken by the government to stem contagions from covid 19?
Look, making the distinctions between the various categories is wrong in my opinion, in the sense that, in any case, you cannot take this away from the kids precisely because of the things I said before, they already have too many possibilities to get distracted with technology, play stations and how much. there may be something else, if we take away even the opportunity to simply do some training, have fun to unload for a moment the tension accumulated at school and all that can be during a day, I do not agree. I can understand, being in an emergency, that it is also difficult to make these decisions, but I do not agree with them because I would not take away the opportunity to play sports from the boys, especially in a difficult time like this. However, at the level of the children, parents also take over who may be a little skeptical in running the business, it is not just a decree made by the government, the decisions taken by the government, there are also parents who are quite skeptical about my opinion let’s say…
But I don’t feel like sharing them (the anti-covid measures) because I wouldn’t take away the opportunity to play sports from kids.

Okay thanks for the time you have dedicated to us!

You’re welcome, goodbye!

Interview conducted by Laura Banalotti




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