Interview with Ludovica Motto Ros, Captain of ASD Real Saragnocca: “Our hope is that this period will be shorter than one might think.”

With the approval of the new anti-covid rules, the world of sport was shocked.

We interviewed Ludovica Motto Ros, captain of ASD Real Saragnocca who on Saturday 17 October was supposed to play the 2nd-3rd place Final of the FIFS Women’s Opening Cup 2020: here’s what she told us about the current difficulties



Tell us about your team and what you are experiencing as a result of the covid 19 health emergency.
It is certainly not a good situation, we are sorry, we wanted to meet again, to play together
and to redeem ourselves from last year. Now we have a game against Lainate suspended and not
we can’t even train. Our hope is that this period will be shorter than it can be
to think.

What do you think of this “stop” to some protagonists of the world of sport?
It makes little sense to me and I don’t even find it right, or all or none. We followed the rules, here we are
adapted, we could and wanted to continue, but nothing to do.

As a team, have you set specific goals for this year?
We were very enthusiastic and keen to continue with the event proposed by Chinelli in Lainate. Now it is
all to see. If the suspension is extended for a long time, perhaps we will want to take it
a year off from matches and focus only on training, hoping to do better and
be happy for the year ahead. We don’t have gyms to train and we don’t know if they can
be made available; training outdoors is always a bit risky. We’ll see.

Living football being a woman, what is it like?
Honestly speaking, I find it no different than for a man. I think I can speak for myself and mine
teammates, I don’t remember anyone living this badly. In the beginning, football was alone
purely masculine and the girl he liked was seen as, by the way, the tomboy of
turn. Now this is no longer the case, it is a sport that can very well be enjoyed, followed and played by everyone regardless of gender. There are many of us who love football and play it and that’s what they are
really happy.


Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi