Interview with Emanuele Milan: “The coaching course was a wonderful experience, it taught me a lot”

Friends, readers and fans of football at 5 AMF, as you will know, in a few weeks the new training course for coaches will start which will allow participants to receive the FIFS license (read more at this link ). This morning we interviewed Emanuele Milan, coach of the Top 5 Biella, assistant coach of the over 40 veterans’ national team and coach of the over 50 national team. Emanuele told our microphones what his experience of the course was and what he is experiencing in his career start as a coach in 5 AMF football.



Good morning Mr. Milan

First of all, I wanted to ask you, how did you experience the coaching course? Would you recommend it to others?
Absolutely, I would recommend it. I was in the federation for a very short time and this was the first training experience I had in the FIFS environment. First of all, I lived it with great enthusiasm, and in retrospect I can say that it was a wonderful experience for several reasons. Without a doubt, I learned about tactical and didactic aspects of which I did not know anything before, but above all my tutor Alessio Arezzi and my trainer Federico Caliri had a very respectable palmarès and therefore the teaching I received was extremely quality. They also told us some anecdotes, for example related to the world championship, and this left me something more than a simple frontal lesson. In addition, I really liked the organizational speech: the course had been organized very well, in an extremely professional way. Furthermore, in these first years of my career as a coach I have realized that the contents covered during the course are proving very useful, in particular for the management of training and the relationship with the players. This course has served me very much, and for this reason I really feel like recommending it: it is a general smattering that also allows you to get to know the technical aspects and that provides important goodies about this sport.


And this can only please us. And exactly, what satisfactions is training in this “minor” sport giving you? Do you think it is a preparatory sport also for the training of players who then maybe go to play in 11-a-side football?
Without a doubt, I consider it fundamental. Then I have a passion for futsal which unfortunately, as you rightly said, here in Italy is considered a minor sport. In fact, I am from Biella, together with my other collaborators, are starting a project aimed at bringing this sport back to life in our province to remove this minor sport label that unfortunately accompanies it. I absolutely see it as a propaedeutic sport for 11-a-side football, and in fact I’ll tell you more. For a couple of months we have opened a 5 AMF football academy here in Biella, which involves children and teenagers between 5 and 15 years old. To date we already have three teams and, through collaboration with a local sports club, the polisportiva FC Vigliano, we are carrying out this project even if now, unfortunately, Covid has temporarily blocked us. Before the stop, however, we started with a couple of weekly training sessions (the precise number of training sessions obviously varies according to the category), with the primary objective of training players for 5 AMF football. Many of these guys, also playing in 11-a-side football, allowed us to already see the first improvements in that sector too. Improvements regarding individual technique, game viewing, passing, ball control, dribbling skills and so on. So, especially with regard to the younger ones, I see this sport as something that allows you to improve your performance significantly even in view of a potential career in 11-a-side football.


Sure, without a shadow of a doubt. Since you are also part of the national team as a coach, can you tell us what emotions are experienced in coaching a national team?
You rightly used the plural (smiles) because I am in the circle of several national teams that are the over 40 national team and the 0ver50 newborn girl. In the over 40s I am assistant coach, I collaborate with Enrico Belli who is the first coach, and I can tell you that in this environment there is great competition. They are all kids (that’s what I call them) who have an important experience behind them both in terms of play but in particular in terms of mentality. They are all very intelligent guys and, in my opinion, the team’s potential is really high. So far we have managed to carry out several trainings, but unfortunately due to Covid we have been able to participate in only one competition since many of the scheduled commitments have been skipped. As I said we participated in only one competition: the triangular Italy-Switzerland-Vatican City which was held last year in Lainate and from which we emerged as winners. Moreover, in the first match I had the honor of coaching myself and it was an honor also because seeing the boys playing in the Italian shirt is always a great emotion, in any sport. When you wear the national team shirt, you are always encouraged to give your soul, and in my opinion this is always a factor of great involvement even for those around the players. For the over 50 chapter, on the other hand, I can tell you that the work has just begun. We should have done a first internship in February but, again due to Covid, we were unable to and therefore the first internship we did about a month ago also together with the over 40s. In short, the over 50 national team is a work in progress on which there is still a lot of work to do. I can tell you, however, that there is great enthusiasm there too, because in any case, as I said earlier, wearing the national team jersey is a huge stimulus for the players and beyond. They are both very beautiful experiences and I can’t wait to go back to practicing the activity also to organize new internships and maybe even some important tournaments


Of course, we hope so too. I think our readers are curious to know how you came to enter the national team …
Actually, I entered the tour thanks to a chain of events. A couple of years ago I was contacted by a coach of a team here in the Biella area to tell me that there would be the possibility of playing against the FIFS national team C-20. I absolutely did not know this sport but together with other guys we created a team and participated in a triangular. From there, through direct contacts with President Paderni, I learned that there was the possibility of taking this course. I threw myself in, took the course and passed it with good results. Then, after a few outings and a few tournaments, I was offered to become assistant coach of the over 40 veterans national team. After a few months I presented the idea of ​​creating an over 50 national team to President Paderni and he gave me carte blanche, whereupon I started focusing on this job.


Well it’s a very interesting path, I think our readers will agree with me. Can I ask you, instead, what changes between coaching a national team and coaching a club like the Top 5 Biella?
The differences with a club are different. We tend to think that the biggest differences are under the tactical aspect. In this case, I would like to say that, from this point of view, the players of a national team (and in particular of a veteran national team) undoubtedly all have great experience and already know the playing patterns very well. The most complex task for a national team coach is to find the right compromise between his own idea of ​​the game and the motivation of the players. The over 40s are still highly motivated and always ready, which obviously also helps us coaches to better manage the bench. I must also say that in this case it is a truly splendid group, they are all golden boys and although I am younger than them they always bring me great respect and have never put me in difficulty, on the contrary they often help me to improve myself as a coach and I find that also wonderful. Maybe in my club, then, having known the players even longer, I can afford to be a little more informal in managing relations with them and this is certainly another difference from the national team.


Thank you very much Emanuele for giving us your time.
Thanks to you.
I greet you, bye.

Interview conducted by Michele Piazza



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