Interview with Teo Nuzzi, Nuova Bolgiano San Donato Milanese student coach

Considering the entry into force of the new DPCM (Decree of 24 October 2020), we interviewed Teo Nuzzi, coach of the Nuova Bolgiano San donato Milanese students, to get his opinion on the situation of sport in this difficult period.



Tell us about your team and what you are experiencing as a result of the Covid 19 health emergency.
I am a football coach at 11. Our situation is disastrous, we have not played a game since February; We had to miss our first season due to a positive result that inevitably blocked the whole team. We are really experiencing a very difficult situation.

What do you think of this new Dpcm and of the consequences it has had on the world of sport?
To be honest, I don’t think very well of this Dpcm. The companies have done everything to adapt to criteria and protocols, the company I was part of last year failed because it was unable to adapt to all this. Now I have changed, I am part of a very small club, which only has 3 teams and has spent a lot of money to adjust to all of this. We were in absolute safety conditions: 4 changing rooms for 20 boys, temperature measurement, distance … I don’t understand what else we could do.

Will you stand completely still or are you trying to adopt alternative solutions?
Unfortunately we will stay still for a long time. We have already been told that we will not resume before 8 January, where we will theoretically begin to recover the matches in September.

What do you foresee for the future?
I don’t know what to expect. I just hope that the government will meet the whole world of sport and above all that the boys do not give up. My concern is that someone will get bored and stay at home giving up sports. Unfortunately now the boys have nothing to do, they stay at home or go out among themselves creating gatherings without anyone to control them. In the end they are 16 year old. We in the team have some guys who live in problematic situations, football helped him to get out of the suburbs and bad turns. Now who knows what these guys do. I’m sorry that no one thinks even of this “side dish”.


Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi