Ticinia Novara wins the fifth super cup in its history, an honor to Ispra C5

Yesterday evening (Sunday 11 October) Ticinia Novara, a team that occupies a prominent place in the panorama of Italian 5 AMF football, won yet another trophy, a 13-1 victory over the Varese team of Ispra C5 , in fact, it allowed Novara to add another Italian super cup to its bulletin board. For Ticinia this is the 5th Italian super cup in its history.

Palmares excellent that of the Piedmontese team, enriched by the 8 league titles and the two Italian cups. We remind you that in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons Ticinia won the treble.



Match report:

The match begins with a surprising Ispra, which tries to put the aliens of Ticinia in difficulty with fast descents on the flanks. But the Ispra attackers always clash against a wall that takes the name of Ghouati. The superiority of Novara does not take long to come out, and after only 5 minutes of play the hosts already lead 3-0. Novara has no intention of slowing down the pace, despite the score starting to direct the game right away. On the other hand, the boys of coach Pignata suffer a significant psychological blow and struggle to recover. Ticinia Novara continues to push until the siren, and goes to the locker room on the result of 7-0 with yet another trophy already practically in their pocket.

In the second half the music does not change: Ghouati, Licini, Usai and companions slightly slow down the pace but their technical superiority is clear. Ispra, even taking advantage of the slowdown of the opponents, has a shot of pride that allows Salazar to put the goal of the flag. At the end of the 40 minutes the luminous scoreboard marks Ticinia Novara 13-1 Ispra C5, thus sanctioning the victory of the home team never in question. The best of Ispra is number 7 Jardan, who has always continued to charge his teammates despite all the difficulties that the game has forced them to face. MVP, in our opinion, the number 9 of Ticinia, Ghouati: excellent performance for him who shows great versatility by literally covering the entire field and making a defensive department even alone.



FIFS would like to sincerely thank: The Novarello Villaggio Azzurro Sports Center for making the structure available, for the support and presence of CONI Novara Delegate Rosalba Fecchio, the President of the Novara Panathlon Club Mario Armano, the race directors Alessandro Chinelli and Antonio Talarico in addition to the Table Manager Franco Gasparo who received a recognition before the tender for his 25 years of activity in the FIFS; a special mention to Luigi Pignata of Ispra Calcio a 5 who received an Award for Fair Play demonstrated in the current season.


The match will be broadcast in the next few days by Legnano Web TV with commentary by Erick Rista and Michele Piazza.