MALE ITALIAN SUPERCUP 2020: Interview with Rosalba Fecchio, CONI delegate for the province of Novara

We interviewed the CONI delegate of the province of Novara, Rosalba Fecchio, who on Sunday – 11 October – will be present at Palanovarello in Granozzo con Monticello (NO) to attend the Italian Super Cup

How does CONI support sport in this period? Covid 19 health emergency: how was it addressed?
These days, Coni is trying in every way to support especially sports federations that are slowly recovering and working in the area. These encounter numerous difficulties for gyms that are not granted due to factors such as: cleaning, sanitation, full compliance with the regulations … CONI has in fact already intervened a lot, at a regional and national level, to ask municipalities, provinces and schools (al inside which gyms are located) to provide spaces for training and playing. The recovery for some organizations and companies is really difficult. To tell the truth, for months everything has been tackled in a difficult way; the world of sport has paid a lot. I am referring mainly to indoor and team activities. Important examples could be volleyball or basketball. Uneven situations occurred. Each federation has had the freedom to choose enough for themselves and this has led to severe slowdowns for some. CONI has tried to mediate, making sure that the sport resumes and does not stop yet. Obviously, you are always careful, following all health regulations and hopefully the situation will not get worse.

The final of the Italian Super Cup will take place on Sunday with Ticinia Novara and the Ispra C5
as protagonists. Will she be a guest too?
Yes, I’ll be there on Sunday. I follow this sport a lot, I like it. I follow Ticinia Novara and I know that they have already won many titles. I often collaborate with Daniele Colognesi, the president of Ticinia Novara, he is very competent in his work and is also involved in activities in the area. I appreciate your great social commitment; just think of the Open category, I feel even more involved when it comes to and deals with disabled children. For this, I can consider myself a bit biased for Sunday’s match. However, I believe that it will not be a simple challenge, but rather a hard-fought one and certainly interesting to follow.

How does it feel to be the first woman at the top of CONI Novarese?
This is a good question. I am a sportswoman, I am a teacher and this means that I also have a cultural background regarding sport. I clashed with quite macho realities. Until a few years ago, this world belonged to men. Now times have changed, women have made, do and will always continue to make progress, but I struggled and it was an effort that somehow I did not expect. I’ve been in CONI since I was 25, first as a staff member and from what I can remember, certain things didn’t happen when there were men driving. However, I am honored by the role I have and I believe I have done a lot, both for Coni and for women in general. I hope that the role of women in sport will become more and more important.

Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi


The Italian Super Cup will be held on Sunday 11 October at 18.00 and will be held at the Palanovarello of the Novarello Villaggio Azzurro Sports Center in Granozzo con Monticello (NO).

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