ITALIAN SUPERCUP MALE 2020: Interview with the referee Antonio Talarico

Sunday – 11 October – the Italian Men’s Super Cup will be played in Granozzo with Monticello (NO): we made some commands Antonio Talarico, appointed to referee the match between Ticinia Novara and Ispra C5.


Will you come if I sat down for Sunday’s game? Referee a final and a great responsibility, do you feel the weight?
I feel good and soon enough. I try to live the game with complete peace of mind. I am now 10
years of experience, I think I am up to it. Of course, I feel the responsibility, the weight is there and you need the right concentration. We referees also pose and we must give the best of ourselves. Personally I am happy to be able to say that this is the final score of the final and that I saw the ballot with Other Colleagues “won”. I will do my best.


You live near Novara, is it exciting to judge the finale in this city?
Yes, I looked happy and excited. The structure is beautiful and offers a grand finale.


In your opinion, what will the festive atmosphere be like due to the Covid 19 health emergency?
The virus is undoubtedly a problem. I don’t know how much audience there will be, people are a bit worried and prefer to stay at home. I think it communicates that I will give a return after hearing the initial whistle, if they don’t give a great show. Being filmed by Legnano Web Tv presents a great thing to create the great atmosphere!

Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi


The Italian Super Cup will be held on Sunday 11 October at 18.00 and will be held at the Palanovarello of the Novarello Villaggio Azzurro Sports Center in Granozzo con Monticello (NO).

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