MALE ITALIAN SUPERCUP 2020: Interview with Daniele Colognesi, President of Ticinia Novara

In view of the great challenge of the Men’s Italian Super Cup on Sunday 11 October in Granozzo with Monticello (NO) we interviewed Daniele Colognesi, President of Ticinia Novara, an 8-time Italian Champion team that will face the Old Team.


How does it feel to be eight times Italian champions?
It has been and continues to be a good journey. Every year there is a desire to reconfirm and this is also due to great collaborators such as Stefano Usai, Fabrizio Pavan and Gerardo Bestetti who share the same vision and passion.

How was this “particular” preparation due to the Covid 19 emergency?
The preparation due to Covid 19 was very tough and the organization very complicated. Great difficulties have been encountered, especially in anticipation of national finals, and even now it is very difficult despite the fact that the football played has restarted, even if in this particular situation. We realize this every day both for the absolute Football Sala, but especially for the Open category, where when dealing with more fragile people, the attention must be greater. It is also challenging for all members, for training, for the management of changing rooms. The important thing is to avoid risks as much as possible and learn to live with the virus.

On Sunday you play against the reigning champions of the Italian Cup, do you think it will be a hard-fought match?
Like any ending it is always to be feared. I think it will be very close. Being the favorites will not play to our advantage, we will certainly not have an easy life. I foresee a very tough game to be honest.

What can you expect from Ticinia Novara this year? Announcements? Targets?
As I said before, passion and desire to arrive lead us to seek the result and to improve in everything and for everything. We have a new group, the old guard from the early years has been gradually replaced and we are very happy to have found a winning group that has shown that they can do it. Our main goal is for this group to make our fortunes for years to come.

Interview conducted by Melissa Crespi


The Italian Super Cup will be held on Sunday 11 October at 18.00 and will be held at the Palanovarello of the Novarello Villaggio Azzurro Sports Center in Granozzo con Monticello (NO).

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