FIFS WOMEN OPENING CUP 2020: interview with the captain of the ASD Real Saragnocca

Tonight at 20:30 in Carisio (VC) the final for the 2nd-3rd place of the FIFS Women Opening Cup 2020 will be held which will see ASD Real Saragnocca and Ardor Dairagirls ASD compete.
For the occasion we interviewed Ludovica Motto Ros, captain of ASD Real Saragnocca who kindly answered some of our questions.

What emotion did you feel to return to the field, after a long period of stoppage, last week in Lainate (MI)?
It was a great emotion, as if we were back on the pitch for the first time when we started playing as little girls, I think it was the same thing for my teammates too. It was really exciting. We had to work hard, in fact the stop was extended but we are very excited and happy.

How long was the forced stop that kept you away from the pitch?
The stop lasted seven months during which obviously we did not train. We had our first training session the week before the match held last Saturday 26 September in Lainate (MI) just to get some familiarity with the ball again.

How was the impact of playing 5 AMF football for the first time?
I would say it wasn’t too shocking, in fact we played 11-a-side football. So it’s very similar but with fewer people on the pitch. It was a positive experience for the whole team.

Saturday (today) there will be the final for 2nd – 3rd place, what do you expect?
We are quite anxious because we lack a bit of training. However we are focused, we will try to give our best and keep our opponents game.

A prediction for Saturday’s game?
May the best win!

Interview conducted by Gloria Galbiati


It could not end with more apt words. A big good luck to both teams!