Everything is ready for the 14th San Rocco City of Lainate Trophy

The Italian Football Sala Federation officially announces that on Saturday 12 September the 14th Edition of the San Rocco Trophy – City of Lainate will be held at the Pala Nelson Mandela, Via Circonvallazione Ovest 1, Lainate (MI), a classic event that marks the restart of the season, and won the last 2019 edition by Lainate Futsal.


The Cup will see 7 teams at the start that will play as per the following calendar:

Group A: Lainate Futsal Bianco – No Fear – Ispra C5 – Futsei Milano

Group B: Top Five Biella – Neos Air – Las Palmas Cermenate

14.15 Match 1A: Lainate Futsal vs No Fear (1×25 ‘not effective)
14.45 Match 2A: Ispra C5 vs Futsei Milano (1×25 ‘not effective)

15.15 Match 1B: Top Five Biella vs Neos Air (1×30 ‘not effective)

15.50 Match 3A: Lainate Futsal Bianco vs Ispra C5 (1×25 ‘not effective)
16.20 Match 4A: No Fear vs Futsei Milano (1×25 ‘not effective)

16.50 Match 2B: Top Five Biella vs Las Palmas Cermenate (1×30 ‘not effective)

17.25 Match 5A: Lainate Futsal Bianco vs Futsei Milano (1×25 ‘not effective)

17.55 Match 6A: No Fear vs Ispra C5 (1×25 ‘not effective)
18.25 Race 5B: Neos Air vs Top Five Biella (1×30 ‘not effective)

19.00 Semifinal 1: 1A vs 2B (1×25 ‘not effective)
19:25 Semifinal 2: 1B vs 2A (1×25 ‘not effective)

19.50 Final 1st / 2nd: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

At the end of the event at 20.30 there will also be the competition for the award of the Italian Super Cup Open Category aimed at athletes with intellectual – relational disabilities between Lainate Futsal and Ticinia Novara Special.


The event will be filmed by Legnano web TV cameras.