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Roberto Bistrot Restaurant wins the Futsal Summer Night 2020

The 10th edition of the Futsal Summer Night was held last Wednesday 29 July at the Planet Soccer Sports Center, Via Abruzzi 10, Cesano Maderno (MB), a tournament to which 8 teams have joined: Top Five Biella, Casa Marisa Livigno, Iceberg, Bobaz , Black Rose, Westham, Ispra C5 and Roberto Bistrot Restaurant. Here are the results:


Match 1A: Iceberg vs Bobaz 5-0

Match 1B: Black Rose vs Westham 1-3

Match 2A: Top Five Biella vs Casa Marisa Livigno 8-3

Match 2B: Ispra C5 vs Roberto Bistrot Restaurant 3-5

Match 3A: Top Five Biella vs Iceberg 4-4

Match 3B: Black Rose vs Ispra C5 4-2

Match 4A: Casa Marisa Livigno vs Bobaz 1-2

Match 4B: Westham vs Roberto Bistrot Restaurant 1-4

Match 5A: Top Five Biella vs Bobaz 3-1

Match 5B: Black Rose vs Roberto Bistrot Restaurant 4-2

Match 6A: Casa Marisa Livigno vs Iceberg 4-10

Match 6B: Westham vs Ispra C5 3-1

Semifinal 1: Iceberg vs Black Rose 3-2

Semifinal 2: Roberto Bistrot Restaurant vs Top Five Biella 4-2

Final 1st-2nd: Iceberg vs Roberto Bistrot Restaurant 4-6

Best Player Award: Salvatore Lillo – Black Rose

Best Goalkeeper Award: Garzone Federico – Top Five Biella



FIFS would like to thank the referees Giuseppe Rianna, Stefano Innocenti and Antonio Reale for their professionalism, as well as the Planet Soccer Sports Center in Cesano Maderno in the people of Andrea and Fabio Milan for their absolutely fundamental collaboration.